Green beans with baby red potatoes and onions

I love this time of the year. Gardens are producing some of the best fruits and vegetables that you can possibly find. Strawberries were very good this season although I only got to go pick at the end of the season. It’s time for blackberries and  blueberries in my neck of the woods right now. Soooooo many wonderful options to create with berries. However this post is about some veggies….root veggies at that. 

The stars of this show are the baby red potatoes  and onions. They turn boring but good old green beans into a magical side dish. My grandmother, dad, and uncle are some of the best gardeners I know. My grandma always plants a garden, at least as far back as I can remember and my uncle always helps her. I contribute cucumber seeds and wait for them  to blossom and grow every year….I digress….I told you it’s my favorite time of the year for veggies.

Anyway, i was visiting my granny a few days ago and before i left my uncle said, “Niece, would you like some potatoes and onions?” My reaction….”yes as long as I dont have to go dig them up…” it had been a long day….needless to say he said pull up by the field and that he’d get them for me. Pleased about this I told him I didnt need a lot just a few potatoes and a couple of onions. Since it’s been so dry here, they were small and just the way I love them. Small enough to wash and clean without a lot of cutting and they’re ready to drop in the pot.


The onions were small as well and that’s great because there wasnt a lot to peel and cry over…lol…get it…onions make you cry…ok, well I tried. So let’s get to this recipe….I hope you try it and let me know how it goes! Let’s cook!



  1. 3-4 slices of salted fat back
  2. 1 very small onion
  3.  10-12 baby red potatoes
  4. 2 lbs of fine long green beans
  5. Enough H20 to cover your contents
  6. S & P to taste


First, you need to fry your fat back to render the oil and smokey, salty goodness.  Once that’s done, reduce your heat to medium and add the onion and cook until its translucent. Then you will add your green beans and water. You will also add you salt and pepper to taste. Depending on the saltiness of your fatback, you may not need to add salt. I’d definitely add a teaspoon of black pepper. Then you will cover your pot and cook for about 25 minutes. Then add your potatoes and cook for another 15 minutes or so. It doesnt take long for the potatoes to cook through….they are babies remember….smile…..this side dish is an excellent accompaniment to baked chicken and mashed potatoes or rice. Two starches…I know….it doesnt happen everyday….lol. I hope you enjoy!

Here is what my pot looked like


Food is love. Remember to be kind. It doesnt cost a thing and love one another. Until next time yall….have a great week!



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